The Execution

A doctor's battle against moral and institutional harassment

Albert Benhaim

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Beschreibung zu „The Execution“

Since 2010, Albert Benhaim, a doctor, has been subjected to repeated attacks by the Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ) and the College of Physicians of Quebec, which expelled him for life from its ranks in 2017. The reason?
Physimed, the clinic of which he is one of the shareholders, refused to provide, first to the RAMQ and then to the College of Physicians, a document of a strictly commercial nature that concerns neither the services provided by the public plan nor its medical practice. In this book, Dr. Benhaim - who in nearly 30 years of practice has never been the subject of a disciplinary complaint - recounts his long descent into hell, describing how the College of Physicians has not shied away from any unfair maneuver or abuse of power to professionally and morally execute him and break him financially. At the same time, he denounces the lack of oversight by professional orders on their syndics whose actions are held virtually unaccountable by anyone.






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