The Coming of the Fairies

Arthur Conan Doyle

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Beschreibung zu „The Coming of the Fairies“

This book contains reproductions of the famous Cottingley photographs, and gives the whole of the evidence in connection with them. The diligent reader is in almost as good a position as I am to form a judgment upon the authenticity of the pictures. This narrative is not a special plea for that authenticity, but is simply a collection of facts the inferences from which may be accepted or rejected as the reader may think fit.
I would warn the critic, however, not to be led away by the sophistry that because some professional trickster, apt at the game of deception, can produce a somewhat similar effect, therefore the originals were produced in the same way. There are few realities which cannot be imitated, and the ancient argument that because conjurers on their own prepared plates or stages can produce certain results, therefore similar results[vi] obtained by untrained people under natural conditions are also false, is surely discounted by the intelligent public.
I would add that this whole subject of the objective existence of a subhuman form of life has nothing to do with the larger and far more vital question of spiritualism. I should be sorry if my arguments in favour of the latter should be in any way weakened by my exposition of this very strange episode, which has really no bearing upon the continued existence of the individual.
Arthur Conan Doyle.

Über Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle wurde am 22. Mai 1859 in Edinburgh geboren. Er studierte Medizin und unternahm als Schiffsarzt Reisen nach Afrika und in die Antarktis. 1882 eröffnete er eine Arztpraxis in Southsea bei Porthsmouth und begann in seiner Freizeit, Geschichten zu schreiben. 1887 veröffentlichte er seine erste Erzählung über den Detektiv Sherlock Holmes und seinen Freund, den Arzt Dr. Watson: A Study in Scarlet (dt. Eine Studie in Scharlachrot). Mit seinen Detektiverzählungen um Sherlock Holmes, insbesondere dem 1903 erschienenen Romans The Hound of the Baskervilles (dt.: Der Hund der Baskervilles) erlangte Doyle Welt-ruhm. In seinen späteren Jahren begann er Zukunftsromane in der Tradition von Jules Verne zu schreiben und widmete sich in zunehmendem Maße dem Spiritismus. Am 7. Juli 1930 starb Doyle in Windlesham an den Folgen eines Herzinfarkts.






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