I Am Not A Serial Killer



Dan Wells

In English please! Thriller

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John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it.

He's spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential.

He's obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn't want to become one. So for his own sake, and the safety of those around him, he lives by rigid rules he's written for himself, practicing normal life as if it were a private religion that could save him from damnation.

Dead bodies are normal to John. He likes them, actually. They don't demand or expect the empathy he's unable to offer. Perhaps that's what gives him the objectivity to recognize that there's something different about the body the police have just found behind the Wash-n-Dry Laundromat---and to appreciate what that difference means.

Now, for the first time, John has to confront a danger outside himself, a threat he can't control, a menace to everything and everyone he would love, if only he could.

Dan Wells's debut novel, I Am Not a Serial Killer, is the first volume of a trilogy that will keep you awake and then haunt your dreams.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Über Dan Wells

DAN WELLS writes a little bit of everything, but he is best known for the Partials Sequence and the John Cleaver series, the first book of which is now a major motion picture. He is a co-host of the educational podcast Writing Excuses, for which he won a Hugo and now helps run a yearly, week-long writing conference. In addition to novels, novellas, and shorts, he has also written and produced a stage play, called "A Night of Blacker Darkness," and works as a staff writer on the TV show "Extinct." He has lived in the US, Mexico, and Germany, and currently resides in Utah with his wife and six children and 439 board games.


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7 Kommentare zu „I Am Not A Serial Killer“

katrin – 06.01.2020

I was fearful, that the plot might be a cheap teenager Dexter ripoff with demons but it was surprisingly well written and original while still somewhat like Dexter.

karsha – 19.10.2019

very interesting!

Olga – 11.09.2017

it was good until the plot.

nic – 01.03.2017

very intense and nicely written!

Lauren89 – 16.09.2015

I loved the book, as soon as I got over the discovery that it had demons in it. Real demons, not metaphorical or human ones. I felt like I was sitting right inside the mind of this young sociopath and he actually let me understand, in a sick way, why he has these needs, how he lives with them and how hard it is not to give in. He doesn't understand sarcasm easily, doesn't know love, but still he chooses to protect instead of hurt, because he knows what is right. Amazing struggle, read it! You won't regret it.

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