Managing The Flow Of Water From Reservoirs

Elegbeleye Oladipo


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Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2016 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Geology, Mineralogy, Soil Science, , language: English, abstract: Reservoirs have been since the earliest civilisation, being part of man kind strategy for survival. These water storage facilities have been created since time immemorial mainly by constructing dams accross rivers and are intended both for capturing water that would otherwise proceed down river towards the oceans or lakes as well as for storing the water for as long as possible, till when needed and used.

Sediments which is naturaly released from the catchment areas into the reservoir via contributing stream is impeded by the water bodies in the reservoir which are retained by the dams and to a large extent the sediments is permanently trapped there in. This paper talks about managing the flow of reservoirs and regulated river or dam and how to improve its sustainability by balancing the needs of the society, the economy, the environment and the ecosystems. Likewise its environmental goals, its role on a global scale with the laws and regulations guiding it are also discussed in this paper.


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