Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Chemistry Education

Maija Aksela Shenelle Pearl Ghulam Johannes Pernaa

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Buchbeschreibung zu „Introduction to Molecular Modeling in Chemistry Education“

Welcome to learn molecular modeling in chemistry education.

Molecular modeling is an essential tool for chemistry teachers. It can be used for anything from student-centred activities to teacher-oriented visualizations and evaluation.

This book offers theoretical insights and hands-on modeling activities. The goal is to learn how to implement molecular modeling in chemistry teaching. The exercises are performed using web application, which is a free JSmol-JSME-based molecular modeling and visualization service.

Über Maija Aksela

Maija Aksela is a Professor and the Research Director of the Unit of Chemistry Teacher Education, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki. She is also the Director of the LUMA (STEM) Centre
of Finland and the LUMA Centre in the University of Helsinki.
Maija has over 30 years' experience of chemistry education.
She has published over 330 papers in the field.


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